WEKA Group

Welcome to our W.E.K.A Group page.

We are the Waioneke Enviro Kids Action Group. Our goal is to try and help our school to be more sustainable and to try and improve our environment.

Tou rourou, toku rourou, kaora te iwi.
With your contribution and my contribution, we will thrive.

An important part of this is to educate our community so that we can ensure that our world is more sustainable and that resources are preserved. We are the guardians of our world and our future.

“Toitū te marae a Tāne, Toitū te marae a Tangaroa, Toitū te Whenua” – Care for the domain of Tāne Mahuta (Guardian of the Forest) and Tangaroa (Guardian of the sea) and the land will sustain you.

Our fundraising venture for selling King’s Seeds is starting. We are going to use this money to continue with the making and planting of our raised gardens. These gardens will be used for the children to learn about the growing side of things as well as be able to be used in our kitchen. This will take a while but is all part of the Enviro plan the children have put together.

The photo below is what our sneaky photographer took last term of some of the children planting out seedlings that we are hoping to sell at Calf Day this year.

We have been lucky to have been given some preloved tools from the Kaipātiki Project and The Men’s Shed.  We would like to thank them very much and we look forward to putting them to good use.

Fruit Trees for Auckland are donating 2 feijoa trees and a mandarin tree to us.  We look forward to getting them and planting them.

Thank you Auckland City Council for giving us a grant to help with the purchase of a worm farm that has enough capacity to cope with our daily waste, a compost bin to make use of more of our organic waste, and Bokashi Buckets so we can deal with the rest of the organic waste.  We will get these installed as soon as possible.

We are hot on the trail of having our paper products within the school recycled.  This has been a bit problematic with our location but we are working on a temporary solution until next July when wheelie bins will be brought in by the council.  🙂 Watch this space for our solution.  We must thank Paper for Trees for supplying us with bins for our classrooms to collect paper waste in.  The great news is that we will be putting a lot less rubbish out at kerbside once this is all in place.  Great start WEKA’s !!

Our next project will be building our raised garden beds with Bunnings from Silverdale who are supporting us in our venture.

On Wednesday we were lucky to have the crew from Bunnings Silverdale come and help us with a garden project. We now have two small raised gardens with it all planted. This will be part of our learning during the year and helps us along in our quest to rejuvenate and improve our gardens and environment. Huge thank you to Bunnings Silverdale.
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