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Parents are asked to notify the school office before 8.30 am if their child is going to be absent from school that day (unless you have already notified us). A phone call will be made to you if we have not been notified of your child’s absence. These calls are made in the interests of pupil safety. A sign-in book is kept in the foyer, parents are required to use this book when taking a child early from school. Children who arrive late must check into the office to receive a late pass.


Assemblies will not take place until we are back at 'Orange Traffic Light".
Full school assemblies will be held every second Friday at 1.30 pm. This is our opportunity to celebrate school events and the success of our students. Parents are very welcome to attend.


Please inform our school office if there are access agreements that affect your child. We do need a copy of the agreement or court order for our records. We are happy to make arrangements for non-custodial parents to receive copies of school reports.


Our school board meets regularly during the school year. These dates will be listed in our school newsletter, school and community members are welcome to attend. Meetings are usually held in the staffroom at 6.30 pm. Our current Board is detailed here.


  • Most children from Waioneke School travel by bus to and from school.

    • ·       Our students may catch the bus at any point on South Head Road from Tuparekura Road toward the school.
    • ·       All students must be collected from their bus stop. Any child that doesn’t have a parent waiting for them at their bus stop will travel back to school.
    • ·       Each child has responsibilities on the bus, and these are clearly communicated through our Bus Behaviour and Responsibilities.
    • ·       All bus travellers must have signed the Waioneke School and Kaipara Transport Network contracts to be able to travel by bus.
    • ·       We are part of the Kaipara Transport Network and are bound by their rules in regard to eligibility for students to travel by bus.  If you catch the bus from North of the school you are not entitled to catch the South bus and vice versa.  If you have a permanent caregiver arrangement that requires your child to travel on the other bus you will need to apply for an exemption.  Please contact the school office for more information.


    You will need to contact our school office before 2 pm if there are changes to your child’s transport arrangements. If you have any concerns regarding the bus please contact the Principal.


This will be held on October 29th, which is a Saturday and is treated as a school day. All the children are expected to attend and take as full a part as possible on this enjoyable day. We are allowed to close a day earlier at the end of the year in lieu of this day. Children are involved in preparing and exhibiting indoor entries that they have created at school, and also the rearing of a calf, lamb, goat or chicken for the outdoor judging on aspects of grooming, leading and calling.


Parents/Guardians are welcome to discuss any matters of interest or concern about their child with staff. Please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance either by phoning the school to make an appointment or approaching the teacher to make a time. Our staff meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons so please do not be offended if the teacher cannot meet with you then. For any other matters please contact the Principal.


In order for our students to use the Internet, you and your child are required to sign the Waioneke School Cybersafety contract. Parents are required to read this with their children to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the meaning and consequences.


The Mobile Dental Unit visits our school once a year. The mobile unit also travels around between Kaukapakapa School, Helensville School, and Waimauku School throughout the year. If you are requiring dental treatment within the school terms you can contact 0800 825 583


This is our annual fundraiser for the year and is organised by a voluntary committee associated with the school. Golf Day is usually held in late March or early April at the South Head Golf Course. We are always looking for new businesses to play and or for sponsorship. Please contact the school office or Principal. This year due to Omicron we are holding our Golf Day in November.  We will be holding it on November, 18th 2022.


The school has regular visits from the Public Health Nurse and Hearing and Vision nurses. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s health please communicate with the school or you can ring Rodney Community Health Services 09 420 8636.


Homework is an important part of building up responsibilities for children as well as self-discipline. Homework is not considered compulsory every night, but it should be encouraged. Generally, homework will consist of reading every night, spelling practice, math revision, and possibly inquiry learning-related tasks.


Waioneke has a House Points system that all our students and staff are involved in. Children and staff are put into house groups (Wapiti, Fallow, Sika, and Red). During school events, points can be earned that are tallied up at the end of the year to find the winner of the ‘House Points Shield.’  From time to time, house groups need to be adjusted as the numbers of students in each house change – this is done by moving whole family groups.


Our school is part of the Kaipara Group of Schools – Parakai, Helensville, Woodhill, Waitoki, Waimauku and Kaukapakapa. We participate in annual events with these schools such as swimming, cross country, summer sports, triathlon, and athletics. This involves children from Year 5 – 8. We need your support, as at times it is not possible to send a teacher to our interschool events. Weekend sports teams are encouraged. Children are to organise their own transport for weekend sports.


We are a member school of the Kahui Ako O Kaipara.  Our teachers work closely with teachers from Parakai, Helensville, Woodhill, Waitoki, Waimauku, Kaukapakapa, and Kaipara College to develop teaching and learning practices that benefit our community of learning.


We have a wonderful school library. Classes are timetabled to visit at least once a week. Year 1 students may take out one book each week, Year 2, 3 & 4 students may take 2 books, and Year 5 – 8 students may take out 3 books. Books may be issued for a fortnight. All students need to bring their library bags to transport books home.


If clothes are left around the school they will be placed on the rack which is located at the back of the admin block.  Please clearly mark all of your child’s clothing and shoes so it can be returned to them. Unclaimed clothing will be donated to a charity at the end of each term.


It is occasionally necessary for a student to take medication during school hours. Only prescription medicine in the name of the child will be given at school. All medication doses need to be handed into the school office.


At the beginning of the year, usually in February or March, the parents, community, children, BOT, and staff get together for an evening picnic around the swimming pool to get to know the new families and meet the staff.


A school newsletter is produced every second Friday and emailed home. Theyare also available on our Facebook page and school website.
If you require a printed copy please contact the school office.


Waioneke School has Touch Rugby and Netball teams who play out of school hours. (Touch Rugby is on Friday nights during Term 4 and Term 1. Netball is on Saturday mornings during Term 2 and 3). Our students will be notified and there will be a notice in the school newsletter when we are arranging these teams.


New Entrant children are encouraged to visit prior to enrolment A parent does need to stay within the school grounds so if you have a younger child, please arrange alternative care for them during the pre-enrollment visits. This enables you to fully support your New Entrant and lessens distraction to other children in the New Entrant class. Please contact our school office to make a suitable time. Enrolment packs are available from the office and it is necessary to have these completed prior to your child starting.


Please do not hesitate to come and discuss your child’s progress. Please contact the teacher concerned to arrange a time. A meet the teacher discussion is held in March to discuss how your child has settled and the goals they have set for their learning. Your child’s mid-year report is sent home at the end of Term Two and the mid-year interview where your child shares with you about their learning is held at the beginning of term three. A further report is issued at the end of each year from year 3 upward.  Students in years 0-3 receive their reports on their start and mid-year anniversaries as determined by the date they start school.  Your new entrant will receive a “settling in” report after about six weeks at school.


We run the National Bible School in Schools programme every Wednesday from 8.30 am – 9.00 am Year 4 – 8 This starts at the beginning of March. This is not compulsory so those who do not wish their child to take part please send a letter stating this to the school office, so alternative arrangements can be made.


We will make your child as comfortable as possible if they are sick or injured and will contact you if your child needs to go home or to a Doctor. Please ensure that your contact details are current. Please inform the school office of any contact changes.


Any payments being made to the school must be put in an envelope and named with what it is for and the amount enclosed. Any trip money must go through the class teacher, not the office.

You may make online payments to:
ASB Waioneke School Board of Trustees 12 -3011-0159280-00


Students are to purchase their stationery. This can be done at Paper Plus in Helensville when they enroll. We do not hold stock at school anymore.

Under new legislation, all schools are now smoke-free and therefore we ask all people entering our school grounds to respect this policy.


Children are encouraged to wear sunblock and a hat that covers their neck for all outdoor activities. It is compulsory in Terms 1 and 4. Children without hats during these terms will be directed to a shaded area.


Our students swim daily during Term 1 and Term 4. Your children will need to bring their togs and a towel in a plastic bag. Girls with long hair require a hair tie. Please provide students with earplugs or goggles if necessary (not a snorkeling mask).

The Board of Trustees decides each year if the school swimming pool can be made available for the community to use over the summer holidays and after school.

Keys will be made available from the school office for a cost and all key holders must abide by the BOT rules regarding the use of our school pool.


Our Year 7 and 8 students travel by bus to Kaipara College to participate in Technology (Hard and Soft Materials, Cooking and Digital Technologies). They must wear closed-in shoes, long pants, and a Waioneke School Travel Shirt. Tech is usually scheduled for Term 1,2 and 3. Tuesday and Thursday 9 am – 12 pm. It is compulsory.


Please notify the school office before two o’clock if your child’s travel arrangements have changed from their normal routine. It is important that an adult contact us if there are any changes or provide a note for the bus book, which is located in the foyer.


All Waioneke students must wear the Waioneke Travel shirt when they are traveling outside of the school to participate in events. We place orders for these in March and September each year.


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